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Friday, April 14, 2017

How to receive your payment from your USA Adsense account from any country- 2017 trick

I have received so much requests to write on how to receive your payment from your USA Adsense account from any country. If you are a citizen of a country outside united states, and you are using An Adsense account registered with an American profile, and you are wondering about how you will receive your payment right in your country, you have come to the right place.If you are using a USA adsense account and you are from another country, the damage has been done as you cannot change the country in your Adsense profile. All you have to do is to diligently follow my this post and you'll surely come out smiling.

Adsense has unavoidable policies which are required to be fulfilled before payment is released to you. These are:

  • Every user must have his address verified. Once you reach the earning threshold which is $10, Google Adsense auto-generates a PIN for you which is mailed to your address specified in the account. Once received, you are required to enter the PIN into your Adsense verification in order to complete the verification process. This measure is to ensure that the Adsense user truly resides in the country he claims. This is not peculiar to only USA Adsense users as it is mandatory for every Adsense user irrespective of country. So the big question is: How do I retrieve my PIN from USA while I am in another ? We will treat that in a later part of this post.
  • Every citizen of USA is subject to their tax policies. Consequently, every USA Adsense publisher which is assumed to be residents of USA or own business in the United State is also subject to these policies. This implies that part of your earnings may be paid as tax. But Adsense needs your Tax Identification Number( TIN) in order to determine the percentage of your earnings payable as tax. Obtaining this TIN is an uphill task for residents in Nigeria and most African countries. This is the second unavoidable problem you must encounter as USA adsense publisher. But don't worry, you will learn how to obtain your TIN in this article without leaving your bedroom. 
  • Every Adsense publisher must submit his bank account details which must be domiciled in his country of residence in order to receive payments. Unfortunately, Adsense has not included Paypal, Payza and other online payment systems as payment method. This means that we need to fill details of our physical bank account details (Account Name, Account Number, Routing Number) before payment can be sent to you. Your guess is good as mine; you will have to provide a valid USA bank account details as a USA publisher for Adsense to send your payment despite living outside the United States. You may be lucky to have a bank account in! or have a relation or friend whom you can use his account information..congrats! But how about the "less privileged" lots who do not have these options? Don't panic, I will teach you how to open a USA bank account from the comfort of your room and get your Mastercard shipped to your doorstep free of cost!

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If you don not have a relation or a friend in the united states and wish to have your Adsense PIN fowarded to your Nigerian or any country Address, you will have to use a proxy or a third party service.
Without wasting time, I will introduce you to some of these services.

  1. Register at with your country details. For example, use your Nigerian street address and zip code while registering . After registration, you will be given a virtual address where your PIN will be delivered to in the USA. The address will  look like this: 4548 Catherine Drive Bismarck, ND 58501
  2. Fill in the address given to you by shoptomydoor in your  Adsense .
  3. Adsense will send the PIN to this address and you'll be notified by shoptomydoor by mail or phone call once the PIN has arrived.
  4. The PIN will be fowarded to your country address after you have made the payment.
  5. Once the PIN has been received, login to your Adsense and enter the PIN and you will be verified!

Travelingmailbox is similar to shoptomydoor.  Using this service, you will be required to verify your Identity using your country issued card ( National Identity Card, Driver's License or International Passport) If you have any of these, you can proceed to sign up with travelingmailbox .These Identification will be requested when your mail has been delivered and this is a major turnoff as customers are not pre-informed prior to signing up.

Other Alternatives include: 
*Using a relative's address. Once the PIN has been delivered to his address, he will notify you and either scan it for you or tell you your PIN. If you don't have a relative, seek for a person who has. Pay him to use his address. If you are lucky, you could get it free.

* Pay A Fiverr Guy. Some fiverr sellers may volunteer their address for receiving PINs. Contact any of these sellers. Cost may differ from sellers to another.


This is a nightmare to most USA Adsense publishers. However, I have a done a well detailed post on how to obtain your Tax Identification Number from any country. All you have to do is to fill in your tax details and TIN issued by IRS to your Adsense tax form and you will be verified. Tax information verification takes between 1 day to 2 weeks. But in most cases, it gets verified in less than 24 hours. I have also done a graphic post on how to fill in your tax information to Adsense..

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The last challenge which you have to conquer is opening a bank account domiciled in the United States. Well, look no further as I will unleash the easiest way of obtaining a USA bank account and getting your mastercard shipped to your doorstep. With this Mastercard, you can withdraw your money from any part of the world! The best part is that it is free of charge!

This brings us to the end of the tutorial. If you have questions concerning this post that needs clariication, do not hesitate to use the comment box below. Thanks for reading Hacks Undiluted!


  1. I learnt shoptomydoor was shutdown.. how true is this?

    1. There is a rumor flying around that it's been shut down. I will have to verify it.

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