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Friday, April 21, 2017

Latest Adsense approval trick- 2017 Guidelines

I really had a bad day. I was on the verge of publishing a post on the latest Adsense approval trick when my little nephew invaded  my computer and closed my browser! It was all my fault; my computer was offline while I composed the post- making it possible for the article to be auto-saved.I usually activate my computer's airplane mode in order to save some battery juices.I thought I could kill two birds with one stone by saving my battery and saving my work at the same time but my nephew proved me wrong.

Talk about killing two birds with a stone, it bares to mind how the journey to getting Adsense approval could unconsciously drive one into optimizing ones' site for search engine.Take for instance, Google will unrank or delist any web page with duplicate or plagiarized content from its Search Engine Result Page (SERP). On the other hand, Adsense insists that for a site to be approved to display adverts, its contents must be original and devoid of any plagiarism.Can you now see that complying with Adsense policies (in this case, avoiding plagiarism) also improves your site's SEO? Do you believe that most of the Adsense' recommendations are meant to boost your traffic? This is because Adsense wants more money and as such will prefer to serve ads on sites which are optimized for traffic! At this juncture, I will tell you why an Adsense staff will not hesitate to press the dissaproval button once your site fails to meet google's standard. This is because a site which is found to comply with Adsense policies will likely attract more traffic( from search engines) and more traffic means more money and more money means the Adsense staff gets paid, the publisher gets paid and the advertiser gets value for his money. This creates a peaceful ecosystem and coexistence among the trio.

In this article, I will show you how easy it is to get Adsense Approval.

Latest Trick To Getting Adsense Approval
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  • "Content is King". This criterion cannot be over emphasized as it is the main way to win the Adsense staff's heart. He has to see that your blog offers unique and quality articles that adds values to your readers. As challenging as it may seem, this criterion cannot be dismissed with a wave of the hand. Write at least 15 super articles. Articles must be long enough- I recommend at least 500 words for each article with fair inclusion of relevant keywords.When you achieve this, you will be in the good book of SEO and your strive to winning Adsense heart has become easier.
  • Use a custom domain. This makes you appear serious in the eyes of the Adsense staff. If you can't afford to buy one, use free custom domain services like freenom. Read Also: Simple Steps to point freenom domains tk, gq, ga, cf, ml to blogger- 2017 trick
  • Avoid images. If you must include images in your posts, use original images. If you must use a copied image , make sure it is not copyrighted . If you must use a copyrighted image, make sure you modify or give credence to the source of the image.Avoid clustering your site with too much unnecessary images Always make sure that your images do not take a better part of your article.
  • Avoid niches like gambling, entertainment, betting, pornography, selling of software keys, uploading of copyrighted videos and musics ,selling of harmful products and other niches which are generally perceived to be unsafe. Embrace niches like Health, technology , tutorials, Education, Law, Insurance , Relationship tips and other niches which are perceived to be safe. This will surely place you on the right track.
  • Make sure your navigation buttons are clear and are working. Navigation buttons are the menu buttons your visitors use to navigate around your web pages. Make sure that your About us, Contact us  and Privacy Policy pages are visible and contain the necessary information. Always make sure your buttons do not lead your visitors to malicious websites. Adsense will be happy if you comply with this simple rule .
  • Use a clean, responsive design.Please do not get your site congested with useless images, gadgets, pop-ups and annoying javascripts. Only use them when needed. Your blog needs to load fast on browsers for crying out loud. Your homepage should not show only post titles of posts. It should also show a brief summary of the post- choose a good template design. Do not use irritating and random colors. A bad design scares visitors away thereby increasing your bounce rate. This does not speak good of your SEO and Adsense may decide to punish you for that.
  • Avoid blackhat SEO. A lot of webmasters try to use fraudulent practices to rank their sites for some keywords. When Adsense finds out, you will sure receive their disapproval email. Even though your articles may be unique, Adsense will not hesitate to penalize you for mischievous SEO practices.
Unfortunately, fulfilling these criteria is not optional if your application must be approved.  Most webmasters are either ignorant or too lazy to comply with these simple rules but are desperately in need of Adsense accounts. I will end this tutorial by saying that the mystery behind google Adsense is an open secret- If only we could acknowledge it.

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