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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Simple Steps to point freenom domains tk, gq, ga, cf, ml to blogger- 2017 trick offers a free hosting and sub-domain.You will agree with me that the length of the subdomain is a major turnoff. Personally I get discouraged from memorizing domains that are too long and this  generally affects site traffics. In this tutorial, I will show you how to change your to a shorter and more memorable,,, or You can get up to one year free domains service with this domains. These domains are powered by and you can get as much domains as you want.The best part is that you can use these domains to apply for a non-hosted adsense account! Follow me as I provide you with undiluted hacks to shortening your long, boring sub-domains .

How to change your blogspot subdomain to a shorter domain using freenom domains ( .tk , .cf, .ml, .gq, ga)

Step 1
Visit and enter your desired domain. For the purpose of this blog post, I will enter blah305 in the search box and click on check availability. We will be presented with results showing you all the available domains.Select whichever one you want by clicking on get it now. We will select for this experiment . You can decide to select all the domains... the choice is yours. .

Step 2
Choose any domain extension from the screen shot above ( I'll be using .tk) and click on get it now. and click on check out. Refer to the image below

Step 3
Next you'll be required to select your domain period. Since it's free I normally choose 12 months. Choose your desired period and click on continue. Refer to the picture below

Step 4
After clicking on continue, you will be required to enter your email address for verification.Enter your email and click on verify email address.Alternatively, you can use a disposable email address to verify your freenom domain. simply visit , copy the free email address generated and paste into the freenom form and click on verify.  This is illustrated below.

After pasting your email address, click on verify email address and the verification link will be sent  to the email address generated. If you are using a standard email address, simply login to access the verification link.If you are using 10minutemail, copy the verification link sent, paste in the address bar and hit the ENTER button and your email will be verified.

Step 5
Now that  your email address has been verified, you will be required to fill in your basic information in order to complete the registeration
Keep record of your email address if you are using 10minutemail for log in purposes. Agree with the terms and conditions and click on  complete order and go to your client area. Login with your email and password as shown below to access your client area.

Step 6
Once in your client area, click on services and on my domains.

Then on  Manage domain
On the next page, click on  Manage freenom DNS and click on more records twice to add 2 more records. Check image below.
After clicking on more records twice, you'll have 3 records in total as shown in the picture above
Step 7
Fill in the above records with the information shown below.My information will of course be different from yours as you'll be required to get them from your blogger settings. To get them, you'll need to open another tab in your browser and login to your blogger dashboard>> click on settings>>Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog. Refer to the image below

Enter your freenom domain with www. prefix (In my case, and click on save. See screen shot below

Once you click on save, you will see an error. This error appears because blogger needs you to confirm you are the owner of the domain.To confirm ownership, you will need to copy the Names and the targets shown to you and paste in your freenom records as illustrated below

Step 8
Fill in your freenom records as it appears in your blogger settings except that the boxes I circled in the image below must be the same with yours.(also enter under the first target) Check the image below.

Then click on Save Changes and you will receive a message that your records have been added successfully. Now wait for about 2 to 5 minutes, switch to your blogger tab and click on the save button again. Congrats! You've just added a new custom domain

Step 9
You can now see your subdomain replaced with your new domain. Finally click on Edit and tick the redirect to and click on save. Visit your new URL and you will be redirected your blog!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Let's hear your comments!


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