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Saturday, April 29, 2017

This is how to recover your deleted files, photos, videos, documents from your Android device

Need an app that works like the Recycle Bin? Recovering your deleted files from your android device has been made so easy. If you delete your files; images,music, video, etc mistakenly or purposefully, it may be difficult for you to recover them. I carried out a little research and discovered an application which can be used to restore your deleted files.In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how to use the application with practical example.Follow the steps below to recover your deleted files.
NB: This method only works if the application is installed before the file is deleted.


  1. Download and Install Dumpster App
  2. Delete a file ( Music, picture, document, video, etc) from your Android device
  3. Recover the deleted file using the Dumpster Application.

How To Recover or Restore Your Lost Files Using Dumpster

  1. Open your Playstore and search for Dumpster. Download and install. Alternatively, you can download dumpster from a third party site here>> but you need to be sure you allow installation of apps from unknown sources on your android device before you can install from third party sites. To do this, go to Settings>>Security and tick the Unknown Sources Checkbox.
  2. Let's go ahead and delete the file and see if we can recover. For this experiment, I will be deleting a picture shown below from my gallery and I will try and restore it using Dumpster.
    I have deleted the circled picture above.
  3. Next, I will open my Dumpstar app where the deleted image will be shown to me. The list of deleted files is usually sorted by the dates the file is deleted. So I will always see the latest deleted files on top of the list. You can decide to sort by Size, Type or Name.
You can see the deleted picture has appeared on the list of deleted files. I will restore it by long-clicking on the image and clicking on the restore arrow button. Note:If you wish to restore more than one file, long click on one of the files and tap on the individual files to select them. Click the restore button afterwards. Now that the picture has been restored, I can go to my gallery and view it !.

Most of the times, I use this app to hide very important and discrete files. How do I do that? All I do is to delete my 'secret' file which I know can only be accessed or recovered through Dumpster. Then I will have to make sure that the Dumpster app can only be opened by me by locking the app with the help of another app known as Applock. Applock can be downloaded from the playstore

Go ahead and try this trick! If you found this article useful, kindly share with your friends. Thanks for reading Hacks Undiluted !

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