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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Google Adsense now bans specific blog pages instead of sites - 2017 new policy

Google , the tech giant does not relent in making sure they provide optimal services to its users. Just recently, Google announced on its blog that it has dished out a new policy for Adsense publishers. This new policy will ensure that ad serving will be disabled only on specific pages that violate Adsense policies. This is a total departure from the norm where domains had to be banned from displaying ads for violating Google policies. So Google is saying it will only cut off branches of your blog which default Adsense policies instead of  uprooting your blog entirely. This way, the publisher has a chance of amending the affected page(s) and applying for the page to be reviewed. 
It's a good news, yes.. but that doesn't mean we'll not get our fingers bitten when we consistently violate Google Adsense policies. Depending on how weighty your offense is, Google can decide to penalize your site in its entirety or terminate your publisher's account. So the easiest way to stay out of trouble is by heeding to Google's policies.

The tech giant also announced that it will be launching a new Policy Center for publishers that use Adsense where more transparency will be shown as regards certain actions taken by google to curtail publishers malpractices. This means Google will be able to tell you specifically why ad serving was disabled on specific pages/ site and steps that will be taken to ensure they are corrected or prevented from reoccurring. This way, Google - Publisher relationship will become a closer one.

What do you think about the new policies? Let's hear from you!

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