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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

5 surprising things car insurance does not cover

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Before you go for a car insurance, make sure you have gone through the insurance policies. No matter how good your car insurance policy is, it cannot cover everything you think it does. There are many things that can disqualify you from claiming your insurance. I will be revealing to you in this post 5 surprising things that your car insurance does not cover.

1. Using your car for commercial services. When you use your car for Uber, Taxify or to deliver goods for your customers, your policy provider is not liable for any damages that may result from theft or collision. Since using your car for commercial purposes is not within the standard insurance polices, your insurer can even decide to terminate your policy. Some insurance companies provide commercial coverage. If you intend to use your car for renting business or commercial purposes, make sure you buy an insurance plan that covers it

2. Personal property in your car. If your car is stolen or is involved in an accident, your insurer will pay for the damaged parts. However, your insurance provider will not pay for your personal property like laptops, smartphones, jewelries, etc found in the car. Always make sure your car is securely locked to avoid invasion during the course of an accident as items stolen from your car will not be covered by your insurance provider. If you'd like to include your personal belongings in your car insurance plan, go for Homeowners Insurance. This type of insurance requires you to file a police report in order to claim damages.

3. Add-ons and customizables. If your car did not come with alloy rims, DVD players, amplifiers, TVs custom seats, custom exhausts, etc, your auto insurance will not cover them from any damages that  may occur during the use of your car. Some insurance companies provide options to cover for custom parts, do well to check them out .

4. People outside your insurance policy. Let's say your hubby or your children are not listed in your insurance plan and there happens to be an accident or theft, your insurance provider will not be liable for any damages. Make sure you list all that are living with you; your hubby, children, siblings, friends,neighbours to be covered by your insurance policy.

5. Gradual wear and tear. Under standard insurance policy, any damages as a result of normal wear and tear of your car parts such as the seats, tires, electrical wirings, electronic devices will not be covered. This is why insurance companies review your car for depreciations that may have resulted from wear and tear of some parts and account for them in order to get your car's current Insured Declared Value (insured value of your car)

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