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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Microsoft releases a talking app for blind people.

Being blind is one of the most horrible feelings. Microsoft has released a talking camera for blind people or people with low vision. Though the app still needs a bit of fine-tuning, it is a huge technological breakthrough. The app dubbed "Seeing AI" allows the user to analyse its environment by using the app.  For example, the app can take photos of people and describe their facial characteristics, estimate their age, emotion and what they are wearing. The app also allows its user to identify and read texts real-time.

Features of the Seeing AI

This powerful app built by Microsoft is loaded with many features that turns the visual world into an audible experience. The following are the features of the talking camera app that will make you green with envy.

1. Speaks texts real-time: The Seeing AI can speak texts as soon as soon as it appears in front of a camera. This feature is mind blowing considering the fact that it has overcome one of the greatest challenges of visually impaired people. This app is very useful and can read texts off books and newspapers, mails, and different inscriptions. You can scan short pieces text and the app will read it loud for you. Watch the video demo below for more illustrations.

2. Captures and reads documents: Seeing AI can provide you with audio guidance to capture a page of a document correctly and reads the document loudly for you after recognizing the texts. Though Seeing AI is not the first app to use Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR), the ability of the app to guide you till you focus your camera right on the text makes it stand out. You can watch the video demo below.

3. Recognizes barcodes on products: Shopping has been easier for the visually impaired as this powerful app helps you to detect the position of the barcode on a product by giving an audio beep and thereafter, scans them to identify the product- a powerful one from the tech giant! Watch the demonstration live below!

4. Recognizes and describes persons: Focus your camera on anybody and this app will you the physical and emotional characteristics of the person. For example, the app will tell when a person is putting on glasses or happy. It can even estimate the age of the person! Kudos to Microsoft! See demo below!

5. Scene description: Which app does it better? Seeing AI app has the ability to describe the scene ahead of you. It can tell you how many meters an object is away from you, objects in front if you,  approximate number of persons in front of you, and much more .Nice for shopping huh? Watch the demo below to learn more.

6. Currency description: One of the greatest challenges blind people face is knowing how much is on them. While shopping, you really want to know the exact amount of cash you have to enable you plan your budget. The Seeing AI let's you identify the currency you have and their denomination. That's superb! See demo.

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