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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trick to remove the text background color of a copied blog post

When we copy a post from another site, we copy the background color and text formats of the parent site as well. This is often times embarrassing especially if the background color of the copied post does not match with that of our blog. Of course you do not want to give your readers a hint that you copied the post they are reading from another blog. In this post, I will show you how to remove the text background color of a copied post without having to edit the post html.

Simple trick to remove text background color from a copied post

Step 1: Visit the site you want to copy from. Highlight the texts you wish to copy and press Ctrl C ( or right-click to copy.

Step 2: Open Microsoft word . Open a blank document and paste the text inside it.

A small pop-up will show at the end of the text as shown in the figure above. Click it and you will see a Paste Option 

Step 3.We are going to select the "Keep text only" option. The trick is to make the MS word to remove the background color and keep only the text formats. The re-formatted text is shown below.

Step 4: Highlight all the texts from your MS Word and press Ctrl to copy. Paste it in your blog post. Go ahead and publish and view your new post  and you will observe that the background has disappeared

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